Session Info

What’s involved in a Portrait Session?
Even if you have never found yourself in front of a camera, I will guide you through the entire portrait experience . . .  from the initial discussion of your vision and purpose for your portrait, to collaborating with you to develop a concept for your photoshoot, to helping you feel comfortable and relaxed while guiding your posing and expression during the session, to selecting the best fine art portrait(s) of you to realize your vision.

What’s the process?
The process starts with the creation of a concept for your photoshoot.  I will sit down with you over coffee, or chat over the phone or email, to listen to your ideas and discuss your vision for your portrait. Often this involves looking at photographs that inspire you, color palettes, wardrobe possibilities, props, possible themes, or other ideas to set the overall “feel” for your portrait. After we settle on a concept, I’ll create a background set and a lighting design to bring your unique vision to life.

Opening up a dialogue where you feel comfortable sharing ideas and suggestions helps me capture you as you wish to be photographed, so please don’t hesitate to share a bit about yourself and what you ultimately wish to get out of your portrait session experience.

The Day of the Shoot
My photography studio is a creative space, designed to be comfortable and functional. There is a private bathroom with dressing area to prep hair/makeup/wardrobe, a garment rack to organize potential looks, a shooting bay, and a computer workstation to view images. During the session there are usually healthy snacks (well, maybe some not so healthy ones too!) and your choice of streaming music. During the shoot, I will offer suggestions for posing, based on what translates well on camera. I will also show you how the photos are turning out throughout your shoot, ensuring that you are happy with the finished product. 

What to Bring
On the day of your shoot, plan to bring with you more wardrobe choices than you think you might use. It’s always better to be over-prepared and able to mix and match ideas than it is to feel like all of your photos are looking the same because you’re wearing the same outfit. Of course, if you have decided you only want one outfit to be photographed- by all means select those garments accordingly. 

If different makeup and hairstyling looks are part of your concept it’s best to come wearing minimal makeup and, if needed, build up to a more dramatic aesthetic from there. If you wish to use a makeup artist, I can arrange for a professional to work with you to create the perfect look. 

Before the day of the shoot it may be a good idea to start a checklist of items you want to bring to your session so that when you are ready to begin packing up, you have everything in mind already. 

Clients typically spend between $500 - $1,500 for their portrait session and finished images. This includes the planning session to develop a concept, a 2-4 hour photoshoot, and the final products you want. 

Products may be one or more fine art, archival prints for a mantle piece or wall display, high resolution digital images for marketing or promotion materials, a keepsake album of your best looks and poses for friends and family, digital images with printing rights, or a combination of these products to suit your needs.

After you decide on a concept and the final product(s) desired, I will give you a fixed price for the total project.


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